Macadamia farm

7,500 macadamia trees in our Summerland Farm orchards produce around 120 tonnes of nuts a year – that’s a lot of nuts!

Macadamias are native to the North Coast of NSW, where warm temperatures, high rainfall, and fertile volcanic soil formed millions of years ago make an ideal growing climate.

Make sure you drop by The Grocer to pick some nuts for yourself, or experience the orchards on our tractor tour and see how they’re grown.

An illustration of macadamias in the shell

Did you know?

The macadamia is a tough little nut to crack. Its shell is the toughest of all nuts and for those who like to crack their own, our Grocer stocks the perfect cracker to help you enjoy them!

A smiling worker at a macadamia grading machine

The harvest

Harvesting macadamias is easy to do. From April to September, the ripe nuts fall from the tree and can be picked up from the ground.

Although the harvest sounds like a breeze, the macadamia is still the most expensive nut in the world because each tree only produces a limited number of the precious nuts each year.

Macadamias growing on a tree

The macadamia tree’s enemy

The black rat is the most destructive of all the pests for macadamia trees.

These sneaky creatures will gnaw through the hard shells then lie on their backs to remove the kernel, so removing feeding and nesting options around the trees to discourage them is the best way to control these cheeky pests!

Packaged macadamia nuts

Cracking those shells

The dehusking machine at Summerland Farm is pretty tricky and makes light work of cracking the tough outer shell of the macadamia.

This state of the art technology takes over 100 photos in microseconds, using digital imagery to sort the nuts by grade and quality.

Visit the macadamia farm with our tractor tour!

Did you know?

Of the seven species of macadamia trees, only two grow edible nuts and the others can cause cyanide poisoning if eaten! Luckily, ours are edibly delicious!

More to see and do

An illustration of a tractor

Tractor tour

Jump on board our tractor tour to explore the macadamia and avocado orchards, and put your feet up as you learn about fascinating local history and the agricultural practices on the farm.

An illustration of packaged farm produce

The Grocer

For food lovers, a trip to The Grocer is a must! The Grocer has one of the largest regional food showcases including jams, oils, fruit and vegetables, and our very own macadamia nuts.

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Garden nursery

Our nursery and gift shop has a wide range of plants and shrubs to complete the look of your garden or landscape, as well as lots of different mementos and gifts for yourself or someone special.