Feathery friends – meet our new chickens!

Our beautiful farm has recently become home to 450 eggcelent feathery females!

These happy hens are ranged about the farm in our Chicken Caravan, a safe, sustainable and efficient farming system.

Fresh eggs from our new residents are used in the restaurant in our daily menu and are also available at The Grocer – make sure you take some home with you!

An illustration of chickens feeding

Did you know?

Chickens know who’s boss – they form ‘pecking orders’, and every chicken knows her place on the social ladder.

Free range chickens forage in a paddock at the farm

Happy hens

Our 450 hens have rich green plateau pastures to range in and lay their quality, farm fresh eggs at Summerland Farm.

The Chicken Caravan is moved around the farm and the chickens can go in and out as they please. This not only provides a good, clean environment with fresh forage for the chickens, but also fertilises the soil.

These are definitely happy hens!

Differently coloured eggs packed in a carton

Strange but true!

The colour of a chicken’s earlobes – yes, chickens have earlobes – is a good indicator of the colour of the eggshell it will lay.

In general, chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs, while chickens with red or brown earlobes lay brown eggs.

But despite colour differences at maturity, all eggs start out white in their development and there’s no difference in their nutritional quality.

A pair of chickens in a grassy paddock

Chicken chatter

Chickens actually talk to each other in their own language!

While we hear cluck, begerk and bokbok, chickens can in fact make over 30 distinct types of sound to communicate with each other.

In fact, these tricky birds even have different ‘words’ to distinguish a predator on the ground like a fox from a predator above, like a hawk.

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