Summerland Farm grows acres and acres of two of the world’s most nutrient-rich food products – avocados and macadamias. While the avocado is a berry originating in South-Central Mexico, the macadamia is native to the North Coast of New South Wales. Warm temperatures, high rainfall and naturally fertile volcanic soil formed millions of years ago, make an ideal growing climate for these wonderful superfoods.

Summerland Farm is one of the only farms in Australia where you can explore rows upon rows of breath-taking orchards of avocados and macadamias. Our tour allows you to take in the sights, learn all about the paddock-to-plate processes and taste our farm products plucked right from the field.

Fun facts

Did you say volcano?

Yes, Summerland Farm is in the centre of a volcano that erupted 20 million years ago. Over time this region became a caldera and as a result, home to some amazing plant species and rich volcanic soils. Have you noticed our farm’s rich red soil?

Kingford Smith

On June 9, 1928, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith made a world-famous flight across the Pacific in his plane the Southern Cross. Blown off course, his co-pilot recognised Alstonville from the sky and they got the plane back on course over our farm.

Alstonville – you beauty

Alstonville is famous throughout Australia for the town’s stunning signature purple tree, the Tibouchina Alstonville. Every March the area blooms with a beautiful purple flower – a sight to behold! Stroll around and see for yourself!